Published Papers in 2004

Vol 1

  1. In vitro propagation of a terrestrial endangered orchid Paphipodilum insigne (Wall. Ex. Lindl.) Pfitz. PDF
  2. Individual and combined effects of Krilaxyl and Gaucho on chooroplast pigments, relative water content and early growth attributes in rice seedlings, during germination under wet treatment PDF
  3. Multivariate analysis in sesame (Sesamum indicum L.) for selection of better parents PDF
  4. In vitro regeneration of Adhatoda vasica Nees through adventitious organogenesis at diploid level of genome PDF
  5. Seed protein profile in sesame (Sesamum indicum L.) plant types PDF
  6. Nodal anatomy of seedling in some Rubiaceae PDF
  7. Epiphytic orchid flora of Chirang Reserve Forest PDF
  8. Foliar epidermal features and stomatogenesis in Entada scandens Benth. (Mimosaceae) PDF
  9. An ecological study of Chlorococcales in the inland fishery PDF
  10. In vito effect of base analogue and 50Hz radiations on secondary metabolites production in Trigonella foenum- graecum L. and Prosopis cineraria. L. Druce. PDF
  11. Successful management of loose smut of wheat PDF
  12. Effect of salicylic acid on some biochemical aspects in rust susceptible wheat var. ‘Agra local’ PDF
  13. Altered activity profile of IAA oxidase in first, third and flag leaf of wheat during interaction with Puccinia recondita and different nitrogen levels PDF
  14. Mutagen sensitivity of two pigeopea cultivars to ethyl methane sulphonate and gamma rays PDF
  15. Biodiversity with a new perspective of cyanogenic plants PDF
  16. Role of seed and soil in perennation of the blight and wilt disease of cumin (Cuminum cyminum L.) caused by Alternaria burnsii and Fusarium axysporum f. sp. Cumini PDF
  17. Antifungal activities of traditional medicinal plant extracts – A Preliminary survey PDF
  18. Screening of cumin varieties for resistance against Alternaria burnsii and Fusarium oxysporum f.sp. cumini PDF
  19. Fungi associated with mammals and birds of Sanjay Gandhi Jaivic Udyan, Patna (Bihar) PDF
  20. Comparative study of total phenols and total free amino acids in wild and cultivated population of Marsilea species PDF
  21. The yield deterioration of rice after artificial inoculation with collar rot fungi PDF
  22. Unusual position of inflorescence in Banana (Musaceae) PDF
  23. Enzyme production by bacteria isolated from fruits collected from fruit markets PDF
  24. Nutritive status of some arid zone tree species PDF
  25. Nannandrous Oedogonia Form Gujarat PDF
  26. Antibiotic sensitivity of Rhizobium isolated from gamma irradiated mutant plant of Vigna mungo L. PDF
  27. Herbal plants of Hanumangah district : New sources of Ascorbic acid PDF
  28. Effect of chemical mutagens on seedling growth in Vigna radiate (L.) Wilczek PDF
  29. Meetha soda : Substitution for analytical grade NaHCO3 for outdoor cultivation of Spirulina platensis PDF
  30. Genus Scendesmus Mayen from Maharashtra PDF

Vol 2

  1. PCR-based DNA fingerprinting of Darjeeling Tea clones (Camellia sinensis) – For evaluation of genetic diversity PDF
  2. Control of seed deterioration in cotton genotypes – how? PDF
  3. Beneficial effects of carbofuran in some important soil groups of Orissa with rice culture PDF
  4. Identification and characterization of L-myo-inositol – 1 – phosphate synthase from Taxus baccata L. PDF
  5. Shrubs and climbers of Singalila Range, Darjeeling (Eastern Himalayas) – An analysis PDF
  6. Mutagenic potential of EMS and sodium azide in Vigna raidata L. var. Narendra Mung-1. PDF
  7. Essential oil composition and mosquito larvicidal activity of Artemisia nilagirica (C.B. Clarke) Pampan, from South India PDF
  8. Plant regeneration from isolated protoplasts of Mahua (Madhuca latifolia Macb) PDF
  9. Genetic studies to ascertain selection criteria for yield improvement in Sesame PDF
  10. Changes in total chlorophyll and total soluble sugar in the seedling of maize raised from variously stored seeds PDF
  11. Effect of catechol on nitrogen metabolism and fowering of Phaseolus vulgaris PDF
  12. Foliar epidermal studies on three taxa of Verbenaceae PDF
  13. Antimicrobial activity of flavonoids of medicinally important plant Cassia angustifolia in vivo and in vitro PDF
  14. Effect of dye and distillery effluents on germination and seedling growth on some grown in Panipat (Haryana) PDF
  15. Chlorophycean micro algal flora of Keola Deo National Park, Bharatpur (Rajasthan), India PDF
  16. Antibacterial activity of some extracts of Lawsonia alba, Solanum dulcamara and Allium sativum against four pathogenic bacteria PDF
  17. Nutritional value of some ever green Indian Thar desert trees PDF
  18. Studies on enzyme make up of Daedalea flavida Lev associated with bamboo rot in Tripura PDF
  19. Tissue culture induced genetic variability in certain food legumes for improvement of agronomic traits PDF
  20. Control of root-knot nematode Meoidogyne incognita using fungus Paecilomyces lilacinus grown on dung PDF