Published Papers in 2002

Vol 2

  1. Clonal micropropagation of paederia foetida L. A potent herbal medicinal plant PDF
  2. Ash percentage and mineral compostion of Pearl Millet Pollen PDF
  3. Plant regeneration from in vitro cultured leaf in Mothbean PDF
  4. Pharmacognostic studies on Tridax procumbens L. (Asteraceae) PDF
  5. Dual inoculation effect of Rhizobium (Cow pea miscellany) and VAM fungi on growth, nodulation and nitrogen fixation in prosopis cineraria PDF
  6. Usefulness of biofertilizers in economizing nitrogenous fertilizers in Tagetes erecta L. PDF
  7. Influence of foliar spray by GA3 and IAA on the growth attributes on Andrographi8s paniculata (L.) PDF
  8. Salt stress induced changes in growth pigment, proline and Na+ - K+ content in Oryza sativa L. PDF
  9. Histological changes associated with shoot regeneration in the leaf explants off Clitoria (Linn.) cultured in vitro PDF
  10. Effect of cob piece size, kernel position and MS salt, sucrose concentration during in vitro kernel development of maize (Zea mays L.) PDF
  11. Progress of Alternaria blight of sunflower in relation to environment and host age PDF
  12. Effect of pre-sowing seed treatment on germination and seedling vigour in arecanut ( Areca L.) PDF
  13. Effect of seed treatment with fungicides, insecticides and their combinations on percent seedling emergence and development of dead hearts in sorghum PDF
  14. Effect of free radical quenchers and paraquat on lipoxygenase, protease activity and total………..accumulation during in vitro maize (Zea mays L.) kernel development PDF
  15. Micropropagation of a rare medicinal plant species – Polygonum microcephallum D. Don., through high frequency shoot multiplication PDF
  16. Phytodiversity in relation to ecovariability of two wetlands of Jaunpur (U.P.) PDF
  17. Effect of NPK with different organic manures on biometric parameters of bhendi (Abelmoschus esculentus L. var. Arca Anamica) PDF
  18. Vase life studies on Vanda ‘John Clubb’ inflorescences PDF
  19. Conidium ontogeny of Phacidiella viticola PDF
  20. Study on pollen morphology of genus Ziziphus PDF
  21. Biotoxicity screening of Melia azedarach L. against mosquito (Anopheles stephensi Liston.) larvae PDF
  22. Chromium phytotoxicity effects on the germination of greengram (Vigna radiate L. Wilczek) seeds PDF
  23. Contribution to the aquatic and wetland flora of jammu and Kashmir state (Family Sparganiaceae Agardh) PDF
  24. Forms of ovules in Kirganelia reticulate (Poiret) Baillon PDF
  25. Prevalence and incidence of melon mosaic virus of two muskmelon (Cucumis melo) varieties ‘Arkajeet’ and ‘Arka Rajhan’ in Faizabad (U.P.) PDF

Vol 1

  1. Pharmacognostic study of Abutilon indicum, (L.) Sweet. PDF
  2. A study of Grangea moderaspatana (Linn.) Poir. : External morphology and anther development PDF
  3. Secondary association of bivalents in an induced mutant line of sesame (Sesamum indicum L.) PDF
  4. Micropropagation of solanum incanum L. from node and leaf explants PDF
  5. Prospects of utilizing phytoplankton in mosquito control PDF
  6. Lactopropionic orcein as a suitable stain for mitotic chromosomes of Orchidaceae PDF
  7. Effect of some growth regulators on flowering behaviour in Glandiolus psittacinus L. PDF
  8. Effect of inhibitors on morphological and yield parameters of rice PDF
  9. Anti-implantation effect of plumeria bicolor and kigelia pinnata extracts in female rats PDF
  10. Primary vascular differentiation in seedling of Eruca sativa Mill. PDF
  11. Aeromycological studies of Pachpedi in relation to meteorological factors PDF
  12. Plants of medico-ethnological and pharmaceutical importance from the flora of Etwah district (U.P.) PDF
  13. Phytogeography of Hadoti plateau-S.E. Rajasthan PDF
  14. A new source for alkaloid ephedrine hydrochloride from the seeds of Sida acuta, Burm. F. PDF
  15. Effect ofnitrogenous fertilizers on the yield of opium and seed in opium poppy crop PDF
  16. Rhizoctonia bataticola is a serious pathogen in the seeds of Vigna aconitifolia PDF
  17. Characteristics of the seedlings and grain yield of wheat on fungicidal storage of seeds PDF
  18. Wild edible plants of Meena tribe of Sawai Madhopur, Rajasthan PDF
  19. Shoot tip culture for micropropagation of medicinal plant sarpagandha (Rauvolfia serpentina Benth Ex Kurz) PDF
  20. A report on Asphondylia sesame Felt.Induced ovarian gall n sesame (Se4samum indicum L.) from West Bebngal plains PDF
  21. Nutritive value of some aird zone forage legumes PDF
  22. Evaluation of some agro-waste substrates for commercial production of oyster mushroom, pleurotus sajor-caju(Fr) Singer. PDF
  23. Native medical uses of plants for anthelmensis (Krimi) at Ranchi district of Jharkhand PDF
  24. Production of endogenous ascorbic acid from tissue cultures of Fagonia cretica Linn. PDF
  25. Nutrient management in castor by combining inorganic with organic and biological sources PDF