Published Papers in 1992

Vol 1 & 2

  1. Tissue culture studies in vigna unguiculata (L.) Walp var, S-488 PDF
  2. Studies on the fern genus Adiantum L. From Rajathan PDF
  3. Species of Zygogonium Kutzing from Derala, South India PDF
  4. Floristic studies of Pyrenomycetes and Loculoascompycetes of Mount Abu, Rajasthan PDF
  5. Karyomorphological and nuclear characters in some pulse crops PDF
  6. Morphogenesis in cell suspension cultures of cauliflower PDF
  7. Toxicity of some pesticides against Paratylenchus prunii (Pin nematode) on peach PDF
  8. Azure B in the diagnosis of MLO infection in Catharanthus roseus (L.) Don PDF
  9. Algae as indicator of water pollution in Lakotia reservoir of Pali city (Rajasthan) PDF
  10. Influence of Saras Dairy effluent on the growth of alga, Sbm-I
  11. Callus induction and shoot bud formation from cotyledonary explants of Sesbania aegyptiaca Pers. PDF
  12. Seed surface pattern in some Malvaceae PDF
  13. Status of total phenolics in the hypocotyls of two Rhizophora species during viviparous germination PDF
  14. Enzymes, Proline and protein content in Eruca sativa Var. T-23 Seedlings germinated in presence of sodium floride PDF
  15. Effect of proanthocyanidins and flavones on the germination of Sorghum vulgare Pers. Seeds PDF
  16. Studies on the endemic flora of Rajasthan PDF
  17. Chemical control of Fuarium solani, the incitant of root-rot of egg plant (Solanum melongena L.) PDF
  18. Effect of palcobutrazol on aminotransferase, Protein and proline content in eruca sativa Var. T-23 seedlings PDF
  19. Effect of flavones on the cholorophyll content of Lemna paucicostata hegelm PDF
  20. Fractionated gamma rays induced changes in survival pattern and morphology of Eutetramorus planctonicus (chlorophyceae) PDF