Published Papers in 1991

Vol 2

  1. Significance of oxidation ponds in semi arid environ of Jaipur—A Review PDF
  2. Effect of physical and chemical mutagens on different quantitative characters in Lentil (Lens culinaris Medik.) PDF
  3. Investigation of lake Saroor Nagar with reference to water pollution PDF
  4. Nematicidal properties of some leaf extracts against Meloidogyne incognita PDF
  5. Ecology and productivity studies on Spirodela polyrhiza L. Schl. PDF
  6. Meiotic irregularities induced by single and combined treatments of Gamma rays, EMS and Sodium Azide in Lentil PDF
  7. Microflora in the gut contents of the Earth worm (Amynthas diffringens Baird.) PDF
  8. Flavinoids from Trigonella polycerata in vivo and vitro PDF
  9. Surface structure of the fruits of ipomoea species (Convolvulaceae) PDF
  10. Influence of root and shoot extracts of some desert plants on seed germination of Calligonium polygonoides Linn. and Lasiurus sindicus Henr. PDF
  11. Tissue culture studies of differentiation in a grain legume Cyamopsis tetragonoloba (L.) Taub PDF
  12. Changes in carbohydrate contensts and bydrolysing engymes in root knot of Vigna radiate infected by Meloidogyne incognita in vivo and in vitro PDF
  13. Physical and chemical analysis of seeds of Ootakmond : A new variety of Niger PDF
  14. Life support plant species used in famine by the tribals of Aravallis—A survey PDF
  15. Utilization of monosachharides by four pathogenic species of Phomopsis PDF
  16. A note on the effect of various growth regulators on in vitro cultures of Eugenia Curyophyllata and Eucalyptus citriodora PDF
  17. Contribution to the aquatic and marshy flora of Jammu (J&K)—A list of new records PDF
  18. Impact of heat treatments on functional properties of Niger Seed PDF
  19. Histamine a biogenic amine from Parthenium lysterophorus Linn. PDF

Vol 1

  1. Morphological studies on male sterile barley PDF
  2. Production of endodgenous Ascorbic Acid from tissue cultures of Abutilon pannosum Forst. f. PDF
  3. Systematic studies on species of Chara L. from Jammu (J&K) PDF
  4. Influence of physicochemical characteristics on the periodicity of algal flora in a fresh water lake PDF
  5. Studies on the influence of root system of Abelmoschus esculentus and Sorghum vulgare on the rhizosphere and rhizoplane mycoflora of Cajanus cajan. PDF
  6. Phytotoxic influence of Sodium Azide on the growth and nodulation in Vigna mungo L. PDF
  7. Effect of Maleic Hydrazide on growth and development of Nostoc spongiaeforme PDF
  8. In Vitro studies on growth and differentiation in hypocotyls callus of Brassica campestris cv Yellow Sarson PDF
  9. Studies on the macrophytic vegetation of Lake Mansar (Jammu) PDF
  10. Production of plantlets of Eruca sativa in vitro PDF
  11. In vitro organogenesis in Plumeria acutifolia (Apocyanaceae) PDF
  12. Some Chaetophorales from Hasdev River, Sarguja District (M.P) India—A Survey PDF
  13. On Gloeocystis Naegeli from Kerala PDF
  14. Induction of diversified root system in in vitro cultures of Sesamum indicum L. PDF
  15. Some Diatoms from udalkachar, Sarguja District (Madhya Pradesh) India—A Survey PDF
  16. Effect of Arsenic Trioxide (supplied through water) on the mineral content of Cyamopsis tetragonoloba Taub PDF