Published Papers in 1990

Vol 1 & 2

  1. Chemistry in the Taxonomy of the Simaroubaoeae PDF
  2. Pteridophytes of Rajasthan—A Study of soil in relation to occurrence PDF
  3. The Complete architecture of fruit Cyamopsis tetragonoloba (L) DC PDF
  4. Study of Urmal Dairy effluent and its effete on seed germination and seedling growth of some rabi crop plants PDF
  5. Biochemical alterations in male sterile barley PDF
  6. Effect of Polluted water of Ulhas River on the inorganic content of its Vegetation-II PDF
  7. Flavonoids from In vivo and in vitro Tissue cultures of Dolichos lablab L. and their ntifungal screening PDF
  8. The effect of canal irrigation on the natural flora of North-West Rajasthan PDF
  9. Effect of industrial pollution from Chembur on the chlorophyll content of wild plants 1 PDF
  10. Ethno Botany of Mukundaras—Weather indicating plants PDF
  11. Effect of particulate pollution on Pisum sativum L. PDF
  12. Embryology and Seed development in Cyphomendra betacea Sendt.(Solanaceae) PDF
  13. Studies on productivity of Typha angustata Bory and Chaub-in a subtropi-cal lotic water body of Jammy-India PDF
  14. Ecology of plant parasitic nematodes associated with sun flower in Karnataka PDF
  15. Desmids of Bareilly –XII PDF
  16. Micractinium pusillum (Fresenius)—A new record from Rajasthan, India PDF
  17. Effect of hydrazones on mitosis on root tips of Trigonella foenum—gracum L. PDF
  18. Contributeion to Oedogoniales (Chlorophyceae) of Gujrat PDF
  19. Seed born fungi of Cassia uniflora Mill. PDF
  20. Genus Lagynion Pascher form Kerala PDF
  21. Effect of some Chemicals on the mortality of Xiphinema species PDF
  22. Efficacy of fungicides against Fuserum Oxysporum F. sp. Cumini PDF
  23. Somatic embryogenesis from callus culture and protoplast isolation and culture in Datura innoxia Mill. PDF